1 Form

This feature concerns those forms whose annotated occurrences can be searched for in the ELICO database. It therefore defines the principal target of queries.

A query can focus directly on one of the morphological variants of a French deteminer or pronoun. An initial series of elements has been extensively annotated, namely le moindre, chaque, tout, ledit, quelque, quelques, aucun, aucuns, plusieurs, maint, moult and their diachronical variants. Other elements which have been partially annotated in the ELICO database are: indefinite articles, demonstratives, other determiners such as quelconque, que ce soit, qu'il/elle soit, certain, certains, divers, différent, n'importe quel, peu, beaucoup, assez, trop, petit de, tant, quant.

The database can also be searched by lemma. The following constitutes a list of the available lemmas: "article indéfini" (indefinite article), "assez", "aucun", "beaucoup", "ce", "certain", "chacun", "ledit", "le moindre", "maint", "moult", "plusieurs", "quelque", "tant", "tout", "trop". Not all lemmas have been covered in full.